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Devco Australia is a privately owned business manufacturing a wide range of sulphur products for the Agricultural and Industrial markets throughout Australasia.

We are an innovative business team, who will work with you to provide the products that your business needs.  We currently manufacture a range of products that are used in the following markets.

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Stock Feed
  • Concrete Testing
  • Minerals Processing
  • pH Control
  • Flue Gas Scrubbing
  • Bitumen Manufacture
  • Grease Manufacture
  • Preservatives
  • Sugar Refining


Prilled Sulphur

Prilled Sulphur is manufatured via a wet process and for applications where moisture is not critical.  Our range of prilled products are ideal for your needs, with low dust it is safe and easy to handle.  We can supply 2-4mm prills, superfine and microfine product.

Pastille Sulphur

Where a dust-free, dry product is required, our Pastille Sulphur is best suited.  Our product is screened to ensure top quality 2-4mm diameter Pastilles, dust free.

Sulphur Bentonite

For fertiliser applications, our Sulphur Bentonite (NutraGold) range is best suited.  Low dust, flowable, 2-4mm pastilles make this an easy product to handle on farm and to use as a blend ingredient.

All our products are processed using 99.8% pure sulphur.

Flake Sulphur

Flake sulphur is dry, dust free and free flowing.  It comprises of 3 mm -15 mm flakes of pure sulphur.

All our products meet tight Quality Control Specifications and can be available at short notice.  Our solid products are dust free and therefore safe to handle.  Call us today to discuss your specific requirements.


398 Tingira Street, Pinkenba Brisbane Queensland  4008     +617 3260 2361
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